Protecting Yourself and Your Family From Cold & FLU

There are a few common-knowledge things that you and your loved ones can do to
help avoid getting sick during the Flu Season. First and foremost, getting vaccinated
cannot be stressed enough, especially for people who are in the higher risk group
like young children and seniors. New Yorkers are very prone to getting sick in the winter months, so taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is a must.
What are some other methods to try to ward off getting sick? Do Vitamins and supplements actually help in reducing
your risk or are they just myths?

Let’s start with the well known Vitamin C. There is no consensus on whether or
not Vitamin C can help reduce your risk of getting a Flu, however studies do show
that taking Vitamin C as a preventative measure helps cut the duration of colds
in both adults and children by a small amount. Experts suggest that you eat at
least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day in order to get your daily Vitamin C

Vitamin D can serve a lot of purposes. But can it help in fighting colds and flu? Some
scientists believe that in the lack of sunlight in the winder months for many people
can be associated with the rise in cold and flu viruses. Studies are underway about
the relationship between cold and flu viruses and Vitamin D intake, but considering
the true benefits of Vitamin D, make sure you get those daily 10-15minutes of sun
exposure or take the supplement.

Doesn’t chicken soup do wonders for you when you just aren’t feeling all that great?
Do you know why? It’s Zinc! A study found that people could reduce their risk of
developing pneumonia when their zinc levels are normal as it is beneficial for our
immune cells. Make sure you are getting your daily-recommended amount during
the cold and flu season!